Bricklayer Lear’s sweetheart is anxious about bringing him home to meet her people, particularly her randy new advance mother Lena Kelly. Bricklayer and Lena hit it off immediately however, and he can hardly wait to help her in the kitchen. The sort of assistance she’s searching for probably won’t be actually what Mason had as a top priority, yet with Lena Kelly’s assistance Mason is certain to become familiar with some things about stuffing. When supper’s on the table Mason finds that his dinner is being served between Lena Kelly’s thighs where he gets a hot, tricky piece of Lena’s chicken. At long last, the two reason themselves to the kitchen so Mason Lear can give Lena the profound dick dessert that she’s been desiring since she set her eyes on him. Allows simply trust that Mason’s sweetheart and Lena’s better half don’t discover!

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